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Headaches became Epilepsy

naveral and jobs are scarce and my job was towing cars so she had my D/L taken away so I couldn't work which was stupid because then I couldn't pay my child support. So now she wants to keep me from getting one to pay my arrearage. She is Bipolar and remarried but makes $45,000 a year by herself. She just wants me in jail. Sorry to ramble. My whole issue with migraines is that they may be EPILEPSY and please get checked for that if they are continual, or you have any other signs of Epilepsy. My grandmother had Epilepsy as a child and I had bad migraines as a child. Hers went away until she was 35 and they came back. My childhood headaches went away and came back when I was 37. Epilepsy can also be a trait passed on from a parent or grandparent. Please have your headaches/migraines checked to make sure that you do not have Epilepsy. Epilepsy is not an easy disease to live with and I have nearly bitten my tongue in half and pushed all of my teeth out. I wake with a bloody mouth every morning and with no Medicaid or insurance, no job, no money I am in real trouble but will find help somehow. Good luck to all. Phillipsfishing

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Oh 😱 I'm so sorry philipfishing 😣 i hope you get support.


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