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Hi all, can anyone help with really bad migraines, over the last 12 mths they have got so bad that they are lasting for 2/3 days.I have lost count of the types of tablets i have been given nothing seems to work. I am almost convinced that my headaches are caused by vibration from work equipment and work van, doctor does not seem to think so. Is there anyone who could help. Its my first post and i am getting desperate.

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Hey strimmer, welcome 😆

I don't know anyone that gets migraines from vibration / machinery etc 😣 white finger is something my brother gets working on the roads and they say it's the vibration.

I am wondering if your getting migraines from your neck though! All the vibration must make your neck muscles tense?

Have you tried physio/ chiropractic adjustment?

Worth a try 😔


Hi Cally01. Thanks for your reply. Ì will ask my doctor on Tuesday what she thinks. I will try anything to help. I will let you know the outcome. Thanks for your help and advice. X

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You changed to chipper lol gawd thought i gave you the wrong name 😆

Another thing you mightcthink about is your jaw!!

My jaw would stick while getting dental work, click or pop when eating! Never woke with sore teeth so don't think i was grinding but was diagnosed with severe TMJD - gives you horrific migraine that no tablets touch! ! Keep your mind open to what the cause is!!

I honestly believe there's a trigger that manifests as migraine!! Find the trigger 👍


Hi there Chipper! I had typical migraines for years and then out of nowhere I started getting these different type of headaches. I remember the first one that i got. It was so intense, that i thought I had an aneurysm! These types of "headaches" coincide with a tightness in the back of my head. Thankfully, a nurse practitioner that I normally don't see ( my GP was out of town) diagnosed it as occipital nerve neuralgia! I've been getting nerve blocks and they do help. Quite possibly the motion or vibration is causing this type of problem for you! Also, the best thing that I have found for relief is PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL! Straight out of the bottle with no carrier oil. I put it just at the start of my hairline at the sides of forehead and also o.k. the back of my neck, just at the base of my skull! It had been a lifesaver!!!


Hi there,

Vibration could be very similar to motion? I know that I cannot deal with vibration. Some migraineurs are very motion intolerant, myself included. Migraines do often change through life though so I think seeing your GP when you have any worsening or changes is a good idea.

If you have tried lots of tablets from your GP and they aren't helping it might be time to ask for a referral to a headache specialist/neurologist? The NMC is an excellent place to go to.

Good luck


Thanks for your reply, you are the first person I have spoken to who thinks there is a link with vibration and migraine. I will take up with my GP and try to get to see a specialist. Thanks again.

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A few years ago lots of people were using a vibrating exercise machine either in the gym or a much cheaper home version (supposed to make you fitter in a fraction of the time). I got one of these and after using it was violently ill for a week with migraine and awful nausea and dizziness. Then I found out these machines are not suitable for people with migraine. But nowhere could I find out the reason for this. Just warnings not to use one.

So I think you are right about vibration being a cause, but I don't know why.

I have a friend with MS whose symptoms get much worse with vibration (not saying you have that, but it's notable, maybe something to do with nerves).

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Hi chipper

I've looked through your replies and I agree with the fact your migraines are possibly coming from your neck. If you've done that job awhile and the fact we age, our necks can't take as much strain or pressure. You need to find a good myotherapist and ask your gp for imigraine if you can take it. You take it as soon as you think a migraine is coming and "BAM"! It halves the attack in an hour or 2. I usually have to take a second after 2-4 hours but it does work for a lot of people. Hope this information helps. Nothing worse than a 3day migraine 😱😢

Sarah xx



Noise is a very common trigger of migraine and sound is a vibration, literally. I'm surprised your doctor wouldn't make the link. Neck pain as others have said is also a very common trigger. Although neck pain can just be a manifestation of migraine on its own anyway. Stress, sleep, food or as my specialist said any kind of change can be a trigger for migraine. Its great if you find a trigger but personally everything is a trigger for me so I can't avoid them anyway. 2/3 days is a normal length for a classic migraine though, they say 48-72 hours. Transformed migraines can be anything from a couple of hours to weeks. There are no real rules for migraines, GP's are useless try and get a referral.

Good luck!

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I am so with you on this one. Every time I mow my lawn and use the strimmer i get a maigraine a day later... normal painkillers don't even touch it. I have nerve blockers but I don't like to take them. They knock me for six. First migraine in 6 months...first lawn cut of the year and I get a maigraine. I can definitely feel some tightness in my neck I just need to loosen it up. But yeah good luck I have been to the docs with this problem on going now for nearly a year....other than nerve blocks there's nothing they can do


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