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Sudden Migraines

Hi this is my 1st post,ive never really been part of a forum but really feel i need some clarification on what happened to me yesterday. In work,fine all morning then i feel a slight headache,within half an hr i feel like i'm dying!! The throbbing pain in my head i just cannot describe,i was frightened,sweating,shaking,dizzy,nauseous,just did not know what to do with myself,i was eventually brought home where after taking paracetomol i managed to settle in bed to sleep,early evening after being woken by my husband to have some food and water i took 2 pink migraleve,but they were no use as i was already having what i think is definately a migraine by 8.45pm i had to go back to bed and had to take 2 yellow migraleve before the time i was supposed to,ive been up and down all night having to take some ibruprofen at midnight and even though i feel 100 times better than the initial attack i still have a headache,neck and shoulder ache right now,have taken further paracetemol/ibruprofen this morning,i am seeing my Gp this afternoon so will keep you posted,this is the 2nd time ever this has happened to me,this attack being worse than the 1st around 6 months ago,i'm 37 .

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don't worry! it's a migraine. we've all been there and the first one is the scariest. different treatments work for different folk and you need to explore them with your GP. three full strength aspirin at the onset of the attack has one of the better success rates (you can repeat 4 hours later) but not on an empty stomach. try triptans, migraleve does little for me. you'll get on top of it! it's a matter of learning your triggers (mine is stress) and working out a bespoke treatment. this is a good forum. take care and good luck with it. migraine is the pits !

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Hi, first thing, keep calm! Everyone gets migraines differently, has different triggers, and responds differently to different treatment options, so it may take a while to figure this out for you, and yes, it'll be painful and scary while you get there, but know you will get there!

I take amitryptaline daily to reduce my migraines, but I still get them. I used to always get the same, then last week got what you're describing. After 9 days finally got a doctors appointment, she prescribed me aspirin, and within about half an hour it was gone, like a miracle!

Keep a migraine diary to see if you can work out what causes them (stress and tension is definitely a factor for me!), but see your GP, as they may be able to help.

Also, the most comforting thing for me and hopefully others out there, is that there are thousands, tens of thousands of us who get migraines, so while it feels like you're dying, remember that you're not, that it will end, and you're not alone.

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Thanks for your replies,i am just now starting to get over the worst week,after the 'migraine' i had on Monday,saw my GP on Tuesday who diagnosed High blood pressure and told me to start on Ramipril and return to docs nxt morn for blood tests,i did just that and felt well enough to return to work,i entered my office at 10am by 10.15am i was again in agony with no warning just like someone had smashed me on the back of the head with a bat!!! Again in panic,not knowing what to do with myself as the pain was so bad,i lay my head on a chair with my hands over my head,i can hear people around me saying i look grey,sweaty,but hands cold so i think not taking any chances an ambulance was called,i was taken into a & e, vomiting in the ambulance,a ct scan was done almost immediately then i had a doc telling me i was going to be having a lumber puncture but it could not be done until 10hrs after initial attack started,by 2am i still hadn't had an l & p but was made comfortable on a ward,the outcome so far is that i spent 2 nights,3 days in hospital,instead of an l & p,i had an mri scan as early on Thursday morn i suffered another attack,after speaking with a neuro consultant my scan shows some abnormalities at the top of my brain and around the back of my neck,there suspicion is that the carotid artery(main artery to brain) could be torn/kinked/blocked which could be causing restricted blood flow to my brain by small blood clots forming so he discharged me with aspirin to thin my blood flow and will be seeing me in his clinic next week.......so watch this space........i really thought i was having migraines but it could be another underlying issue..........i will keep you updated.


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