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Aura 30 hours before?


Hi new here so sorry if I am repeating questions.n I am not really a migraine sufferer, only had a few... less than a handful since my late teens. The other night before work I was having flashing lights in one eye and then at work I kept forgetting the word I wanted. woken today with a terrible headache, pain relief hasn't helped and anti sickness meds haven't helped the nausea. Noyt too bad laying down tho, i have the screen brightness as low as it can go. Anyway, sorry I'm waffling. Is it normal to get the headache so long after an aura? thanks :)

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Yes its very common to get the Aura first, if you had triptans or any specialist migraine medication this would be the the time to take it so then hopefully you wouldn't have to suffer the pain part. But as you don't have them often I assume you probably don't have any which is a shame.

Hope you get well soon,


Usually I get the aura without any headache. Have you seen a doctor about your symptoms? They don't sound like migraine to me.

Hi I think if you've been diagnosed with migraine and checked out the lights, then yes it actually sounds like you've had two migraines. Whenever I get flashing lights, I rarely get a bad headache. But I get bad headaches and nausea as a separate thing.

When I started getting the flashing lights and other symptoms I went to an eye clinic and had my eyes checked. To make sure it's not your retina. Then I saw a neurologist and had a brain MRI. A few years later I got the lights everyday, although they vary in how they present. So I had a second brain MRI.

Basically, rule out eye issues and brain tumours, and get a neurologist opinion.

I def have very similar migraines though so it is possible but please don't diagnose yourself here!!

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