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Pain in left temples after 1 week of migraines -any advice ?

Hi ,

I'm hoping you guys can help. I suffer frm migraine and have done for 9 years - usually hormonal. Last week I had a migraine everyday and find I rub my temples all the time to relieve the pain.

Well I have been migraine free since Sunday and my left side of temples hurt when I press them. So it just feels like a dull ache. The tenearness is in front of ear near my eye and behind ear and all the area. It feels like it's burning and last niget my left eye was also stinging.

Does anyone know what this is? Im worried it's something serious. ..

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Hi. It could be that you have bruised the area by rubbing . I do the same thing and often get sore afterwards, and have even given myself a large bruise on my forehead. This remains sore for days after. Also often get ear ache and tenderness around and behind ear on the side that my migraine is most painful whilst in an attack, but not after unless I have rubbed it a lot. Not had stinging eye, maybe unrelated? Sarah


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