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Autumn Headaches

I visited your centre in June with amazing results. Was almost completely headache free over the summer and felt fantastic! I can't tell you how amazing it was - felt so optimistic and enthusiastic about life.

But now it's autumn, my daily headaches and migraines have returned. The migraines are nowhere near as bad as they were before I visited your centre. I used to be laid up for four days at a time, vomiting constantly and in tremendous pain. Now the vomiting has stopped and the pain is bearable but these daily headaches / migraines are currently stopping me with my daily activities e.g. causing me to cancel social events and take time off work.

There's a lot online about migraines being seasonal and being affected by barometric pressure but I couldn't see anything on your website so was wondering if this was an urban myth. And am also wondering what I can do to combat this latest bout of headaches!

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In my personal experience, it does seem to happen. I don't know why though. Two autumns ago I had a really bad time with frequent migraines as soon as the clocks changed. I think the light has something to do with it, and have always felt a bit weird (dizzy) around dusk if I'm outside regardless of the season. I find the electric lights a bit harsh too, possibly needing time to adjust to having them on more in the autumn.

Last year was much easier and I put it down to taking atenolol as a preventative. Let's see what happens this weekend when the clocks go back...


I wondered if it was to do with daylight. Daylight affects melatonin doesn't it? Which is linked to seratonin? Which some people have linked to migraine? I tried to spend an hour outside today in the hope that'd help. In the spring and summer, I have quite an outside lifestyle as I live on the boat but at this time of year, I tend to hide away inside!


I get bad migraines (which can last for months) every time I fly on a plane. I'm sure it's something to do with the pressure changes in the aircraft. I travel everywhere by train and it does not have this effect no matter how long or stressful the journey.


When it's cloudy outside, I have terrible headaches. Barometric pressure is a culprit. Look it up.


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