Hi everyone :)

I've been on and off medication for the last 2 years, tried Migraleve, Pizotifen, PropranololTopiramate, Amitriptyline, Nortriptyline and thats not all of them :/ I'm still in school and since my exams are next week, I've stopped taking the medication because of the nasty side effects. I hate taking medication cause I'm pretty sure I'll have some sort of liver problems in the future if I carry on like this!

I've heard about GON and i've researched it and I'm not too sure what I think about it. Has anyone tried it? What is it, does it work, was it painful and does it have to be renewed? My doctor has never mentioned this to me, is it offered to everyone? Also, has anyone tried the magnetic bracelets?

Any info would be much appreciated!

Arjuna :)

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  • I've tried a magnetic bracelet and it didn't work. :( But we are all different - may be worth a go.

  • Thanks for the reply! Will definitely check it out :)

  • Keep hitting wrong button! Don't worry no side effects from the bracelet. I got my bracelet from north south magnetics.Com it's their neo30, their strongest one. My migraines have decreased over the last month and half, currently at 10 days free longest yet was only 8 last month so here's hoping. I did stop my meds, only so that I would definitely know if it was working, if it works should notice a slight decrease in the first month. Good luck, hope it works . Let us know how you do. 😊

  • ahh thank you! Hope everything goes well with you too :)

  • Hi I've been on a fair a few of those medications, the side effects aren't nice. Not heard of GON, but do wear a magnetic bracelet, been wearing it for just under 2 months now and in all honesty it's the best thing I've done! My migraines have dropped from 7-9 a month to 5 last month and so far so good this month., still a long way to go as it's only the 5th but I've been without a migraine for 10 days longest migraine free stint, we're all different they don't work for everyone but like you I was fed up of taking meds as sure not good long term so decided to get one as I had nothing to loose and have been off meds for as long as I've been wearing the bracelet. Hope they work for you and good luck with your exams 😊

  • Hiya, thanks for replying, Im definitely going to try this bracelet out, like you said what have I got to lose. This might sound funny but have you experienced any side effects from the magnets?

  • Hi

    I'm sorry you're so young and suffering. Mine didn't start till I was 20 but continued unabated for 43+ years.

    There's a lot of info on GON on this site and others. Basically jabs in the back of your head - the Greater Occipital Nerve. I had it in Jan 2013 and it didn't help at all but it can be helpful I believe. Botox in Jan 2014 has enabled me to cut zomig use from 20 a month to 3 or 4 and in February this year I didn't take any. I have had some liver effects - blood levels like an alcoholic even though I don't drink and I have got other problems which may or may not be connected.

    You need a referral to a neurologist for either I believe but both treatments are available on the NHS (assuming you're in the UK)

    Best of luck with your exams and future treatment


  • Hi patti, thanks for replying :) I have been referred to the neurologist, had an MRI and everything. As there was nothing wrong with me, they discharged me immediately so i didnt even get a chance to discuss these things. I haven't really found whats causing the migraines, I've just been told to be more healthy. When you say both these treatments are available on the NHS, do you mean the magnetic bracelet too? Surely thats just something you buy online or have I misunderstood this completely? I looked at the price of these bracelets and the ones I saw were pretty pricey, ranging at £80-£120. As I'm still under 18, it would be great if it is available on the NHS. Hope everything goes well for you :)

  • See if your doc will refer you for accupunture. It has worked for me xx

  • Has anyone tried accupuncture. I tried to make an appointment for a massage which really helped in the past but the guy said he does accupuncture first . Booked in for Thursday. £35 so certainly won't be able to keep it up. Any thoughts anyone?

  • Hi

    I had acupuncture 20 years ago from one of the leading experts in the SW of England. Made no difference at all to the frequency or severity of my 3 day excruciating migraines. Only benefit was a bit of "me" time to try and relax. Hope it works for you. Mine have improved as I've got older and 3 lots of botox have dramatically reduced my zomig consumption from 20 a month to 4. Going to try Springtms next, prescribed by my neurologist as I'm about to start chemo and didn't want any other poisons at the same time!


  • Thanks for your reply.. I suppose if it worked there wouldn't be this forum as no one would have migraines.. Not holding my breath but will give it a try

  • I consider myself extremely fortunate that, while I will always have a Migraine condition, I successfully got back to no headaches, no scotomae, no muscle weakness, any nausea unrelated, with my Migraines (I can still tell when I'm having one but don't need meds) because my GP got me off Prednisone! Now I have other problems but I was able to progress along toward Neurology Pain Mgt. here in the US, and not have to have MRIs or costly meds for Migraines. I'm definitely working on Mindfulness Meditation because the one Migraine (and blood pressure, and arthritic pain) triggers I can control is STRESS! Acupuncture would be delightful but it costs too much and is so hard to get to, any benefit would be lost the minute I boarded the bus home . . . Life is strange. I hope you all start feeling better soon.

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