A family history of autoimmune disease? Or migraines stretching back to teenage years

At times an unsolved migraine and a myriad of health problems turns out to be this, it was for myself, my sisters, and other relatives and now my children.



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  • Thank you, Mary: This is very good reading for me! Yes, I have arthritis (RA and OA); now I've managed to add on spinal stenosis but my GP insisting I get OFF "maintenance Prednisone" worked wonders for my Migraine situation. Before I was having them daily (while on 20mg/day of Prednisone - plus Meloxicam); now I get only mild "aura" episodes (I can't control my triggers - job stress, other people's smoking, the weather); they began tapering when I went down to 10mg/day of Prednisone and have all but desisted since I got completely off.

    Now, I'm dealing with excessive drowsiness of Tramadol! I hate the side-effects of it much more, and won't be able to use it incessantly.

    I go to Migraine follow-up class next week, so I will show up (leaning on my walker-seat) with lots of questions.

    Thanks for the link.

  • The blood tests are simple for a GP to do, come back to me if you need further information. MaryF

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