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Migraine and Pregnancy

Hi is there anyone who can help me with this subject as this is my daughter's third pregnancy and she is experiencing acute migraine with this one, she is in her 2nd trimester and upon visiting her GP regarding this, was told there was nothing she could do about it, she could take paracetamol and nothing else. She said he was very condescending and she left there in tears (which hasn't helped). I am not of the same opinion as this doctor, and would like to put him right, if I'm wrong I will admit it though I am a chronic Migraineur myself and think I have passed this on to my daughter who has also suffered in the past. I would be very grateful if anyone could enlighten me so I can pass the information on to my daughter so she can go back and tell the GP what an arse he was. Ok maybe not that harsh but I would really appreciate any advice out there on this subject.

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Hi there, I had migraine throughout my last pregnancy and took only paracetamol. The Dr said I could take the occasional low-dose codeine but not towards the end of the pregnancy. There were no other alternatives unfortunately.


Yes paracetamol. I too suffer from chronic headaches & did so throughout both my pregnancies. I'm sure I took co-codamol though, I was reliant on it! But please tell you daughter to check with another GP or a pharmacist first.

Also I was given free massage at the maternity unit through the hospital during my first pregnany & I went for reflexology for my second pregnancy - your daughter should ask her midwife about it.

I also used the forehead stick as well. And drink lots and lots of water!

Ibuprofen is a big no no, mustn't take that!

Hope your daughter feels better soon!


I tried that stick once but I didn't get on with it. I've tried those sticky head patches though. Not a glamorous look, so I only use them at home. They seem to help. I think they are called Kool 'n' Soothe.


I would also be interested in the replies to this post as at the moment, this is a no-go area between myself and my husband, until the correct medications have been found that do not interfere with the unborn baby.


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