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Migraine sufferers wanted!


We’re looking for female migraine sufferers and a partner of your choice (can be a friend, family member, colleague etc. but must be someone who sees/is affected by the impact that migraine may have on you) to be filmed for an online video exploring the power of your migraine and how it affects you.

If the below applies to you, please send your contact details (including photo of yourself and your chosen partner) to Lucy Darbey ( 895594) for more info.

•Female Migraine sufferer

•Aged: 25-49

•Have a partner (friend/family/colleague etc.) prepared to be involved on the same day

•Able to travel to London

•Free on one of the following days: Tues 15th July, Weds 16th July, Thurs 18th July.

•Excellent spoken English (you and your chosen partner)

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Hi you don't indicate which company or group you represent or where this will end up in terms of the video. Sorry to ask the detail, but I administrate another forum, and we are quite strict about inquiries such as this. MaryF


How about my migraine :(


Hi Mary,

Unfortunately, I cannot disclose the name of the company I am working on the behalf of to the public forum - all i can saw it is the makers of a migraine treatment product. The name of the company will be disclosed to any individual who is interested in participating. The video will be used on the YouTube and social media pages of the company I work for.

Brumandy, are you interested in taking part?


I suppose what I am asking is this being done with the knowledge of The National Migraine Centre? MaryF


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