Where could I get some (fairly inexpensive) sunglasses from?

The recent good weather has triggered several days of migraine. I believe it started as a result of going from a dark building in to the bright sunlight several times over the space of an afternoon, which also involved sunglasses on/ off a few times depending on the lighting. I also went in a few shops with fluorescent lighting, something that set off my migraines last autumn when it got darker earlier.

Does anyone know of some sunglasses that I could wear inside and outside (without looking like some pretentious celebrity) that won't cost a fortune? Need to try and crack this before we go on holiday this summer.

(Sorry everyone, now that I've mentioned sunglasses it will rain for sure!)

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  • most large drugstores and discount stores carry affordable ones...

  • Do you keep your sun visor down whenever you are driving?This helps.

  • Yes, even when it's dull or getting dark!

  • Mine is down all the time.

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