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Does anyone here know if you can speak to a neurologist at london hospital of neurology queens square?


Hi all. I have been attending queens square hospital of neurology for almost a year now and my neurologist is dr chong. I have be having botox injections for my migraines but the past 2 lots have not worked. I'm due there next month for another lot but don't want to travel all the way there to say it's not working. I really need to speak to dr chong before hand. Iv tried ringing the hospital but the line just keeps ringing.

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Hello Katemarie, I'm sorry to hear that you don't feel the Botox is working for you. I also attend the hospital and see Dr Anish Bahra, I have had 5 treatments to date and am off to london Thursday for my 6th. My 3rd and 5th treatment had almost no benefit at all but the other 3 were beneficial in the sense that my auras were reduced and the pain reduced by a 3rd. I too understand your frustration I never feel as if my consultant listens to me, however I don't know if this is of any help to you, I have the direct line number to my consultant's secretary who may be able to direct you to to Dr Chong's secretary,who in turn may be able to offer you some advice. If you require this number please reply.

Hi lizzyjane68

Thankyou for your response. It's so frustrating that we still suffer after trying pretty much every treatment going. My whole life is affected by my migraines and it's horrible. I would really appreciate the phone number if you have it. I really hope your next lot of botox have some effect in helping with your migraines. It's a very lonely place out there for people like us. X

Hi Katemarie, I hope you get some guidance with this telephone number- 02034 484719. Also if you look on the hospital website there is a patient liaison department, I think it's called PALS. I have not plucked up the courage to phone them yet, my neurologist is lovely, polite, but she just keeps on about me using my CBT techniques. Like you my life is ruled by migraine, I think "today's a good day" & then I get up too fast and the vertigo starts & that's me finished for the day, & she expects me to keep using CBT- not allways easy in a pain score 8-10. However, on a positive note, the confusion does provide great giggles in the house when my son asks "where's Dad, he's in mothercare buying milk, when I mean morrison's" who needs CBT when we have confusion! x

The headache nurses should be able to help you. Their numbers are 020 3448 3613/3373/3371.

Thankyou woodlog

Thanks both. I managed to get hold of my neurologists secretary. Shes going to speak to him and give me call back next week to tell me what he says.

lizzyJane poor you hun. I feel your pain. Hopefully one day we will get some relief that actually works. X

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