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Silent Migraine

I have sort of been diagnosed with Silent Migraine, really I just get wicked dizzy and have nystagmus. It isn't vertigo, can't be brought on with position change. So I have been experiencing it for about 5 years, once or twice a week sometimes more and sometimes less. Ive had the Cardio tests, the Positional vertigo testing and been to a Neurologist and ENT. Have been put on Topiromate and it has lessened the occurrence but not the way I wanted to spend the rest of my life. Can't get too stressed, can't go to the gym and get over heated. I hate the nausea but i'm happy that I don't get the headache! Any one had any success getting rid of this?

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I would love a way of managing this-- I had a migraine when I visited the dentist and found it impossible to get out of the chair and to the waiting room without help, this is an improvement because recently I started passing out completely during migraine; but it still means I am very wary about going out!

I saw an "uppity" junior neurologist when the faints started who said that "it was ONLY migraine"


No answers to this one from me I'm afraid. I've had dizzy spells for 20 years but was only diagnosed with silent migraine a few years ago. I get them with the headaches too. Luckily I have never fallen over and most of the time it's just another cranky thing about me that just happens. Haven't found any medication helpful, most meds make me dizzier!

I've recently begun to feel almost like passing out sometimes during an attack. The only thing to do is manage this like any other feeling of passing out - eat something / drink water / sit or lie down.

There is no such thing as "only migraine", but it is often viewed as something very minor.


You may well have looked into this one but have you had your blood pressure checked. Low blood pressure can cause dizziness and falling even without changing posture and GPs are often unaware that this can be a problem for younger people as well as older ones. Migraine preventatives such as beta blockers lower blood pressure and I had to discontinue them because I started keeling over on the way to work. These dizzy spells were not associated with migraine attacks. I can sometimes avert a dizzy spell as its coming on by taking a glucose tablet which you can buy at healthfood shops. I hope you manage to sort things out.


Funny you should mention blood pressure - I had mine checked yesterday by GP and it was fine. Got it done again today at work and it was lower but still within normal limits, although I am having a very dizzy day and lots of pain, including neck pain. Am also being very slow / can't concentrate / felt sick earlier. So it's probably you-know-what again!

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