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Migraine condition

I get migraines regularly, usually 1-3 times per month. I tend to get a pain over my left eye and become hyper sensitive to noise and bright light as the first signs of a migraine ... often it is associated with a feeling of nausea in my throat and gut. Sometimes I get a complete stomach failure and I am sick. It is often accompanied by diaorrhea.

I think the most common triggers are caffeine intake, variable sleep patterns, stress and alcohol. I most commonly get migraines on a weekend after a busy week of limited sleep, too much coffee and after I have had a lie in.

I have used Sumatriptan for a few years and I find it always treats my symptoms especially if I take a sleep after taking it. I am not aware of any side effects other than drowsiness.

I feel I am in control of my migraines now by using this medication.

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That pattern of poor sleep, stress and then sleeping in at the weekends triggering a migraine is so familiar to me. I get almost all my migraines at the weekend. Good to read that you've managed to control them with Sumatriptan. I'm still getting there. I discovered recently that if I take one as soon as possible after the start of a migraine *and then go to bed* it seems to massively shorten my migraines. I usually try to soldier on, and then wonder why my migraines last for anything up to three days.


Thanks for your reply. I think we suffer from the same type of migraine. However, I have not had a migraine last for more than 24 hours from memory (3 days sounds unbearable) and with an early dose of Sumatriptan I find it is gone in a couple of hours at most, and sooner if I can take a quick nap. Do you notice any side effects to Sumatriptan? I get a dry mouth and I usually find I go int a deeper than normal sleep after taking one, often with very vivid dreams. Otherwise I have not noticed any other side effects. I have decided to continue to take my 2 main trigger substances of coffee and alcohol in moderation and manage the consequences. The stress trigger is more difficult to manage!


That sounds really familiar....I found that coffee was a major factor....I used to travel to meetings and the first thing I did when I got to the venue was have a coffee or 2...funnily enough very shortly after the symptoms would start up, visual disturbances, pain behind the ear, feeling sick and sensitive to light. sumatriptan helps a lot and knocks the attack on the head under normal circumstances. I have cut coffee out completely, reduced alcohol to a very moderate consumption and do not eat cheese or chocolate or drink orange juice (all triggers for me) Now I tend to only have an attack about once every month or 2 which is manageable.


Thanks for your reply. I find coffee the most tricky thing to manage. I start work very early and I find that I cannot get going without at least one strong cup of coffee. I have tried cutting it out but I just find myself unable to function properly in the early morning and I am just not as effective. However, I often pay the price at the weekend with a Saturday morning attack. At least I feel better able to manage the process now and take a Sumatriptan at the first sign of that pain over the left eye or that feeling that horrid feeling that my stomach has just gone on strike.


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