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What can a neurologist do that a regular GP can’t? What should I expect when I go see them.

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Mine did further tests including CAT and MRI scans, to confirm it was migraine, not anything else. Also, my neuro had access to medications that GP didn't. GPs are fantastic at knowing a bit about everything, but the neurologist is a specialist, and, if you get a decent one, they know about all the current research and new medications. If you get one who makes you feel like they have more important things to do than speak to you, ask for a second opinion. There are some fantastic neuros out there....and so some dire ones too!

Good luck. Hope they help you.


sykgirl- well said I was also referred to other services to see if they would make a difference by the Neurologist. He sent me for Biofeedback, which didn't help.

They should do a full Neurologic exam to make sure you don't have any other symptoms. Then discuss things like maybe injectable medication. Or other classes of drugs you have not tried.

Hope this helps.

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