Hi everyone! I'm new here so bear with me.. I have suffered with migraines since I was in primary school. They got worse the older I got. Then when I was about 18/19, I experience my first "blackout." This, scared me! It's when I get to the nausea stage. I remember going to the bathroom to be sick, the next I knew, I was waking up, flat out on the floor. This only happens when o guess the migraine is at its worst?! It's happened a few times and I'm pretty sure I've been coming round from a seizure of some kind too during a couple of these "blackouts." I spoke to a doctor about this (not my gp) and she almost seemed to dismiss me.. Said it was down to pain barrier and just my bodies way of coping? By shutting off I suppose? Does or has anyone else experienced this at all? Any feedback appreciated

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  • Hi there I'm so sorry to hear of your blackouts it must be very scary and a mig is bad enough without that too. I'm currently suffering some sort of night fit and always wake with a bad mig. Ive succeed migraine 40 years. I know my mum who also suffered migs all still life has passed out during bad attacks and I think I read somewhere that migs can cause this albeit rarely. I would see a new Gp and ask for a neurology referral. You need to have further tests I would say. Good luck do let me know how you get on. P

  • Thanks so much for the reply! It's nice to hear from others that o guess understand! People who don't suffer with migraines, simply don't realise how tough they can be. I'm so glad I found this site.. I will be contacting my doctor and having a chat, see what this one says. Thanks again.. JP

  • Hope I helped a bit. Do let me know how you get on. I'm currently having night time "fits" and always wake with a mig. I am seeing a sleep clinic doctor next week and wearing a monitor during sleep. Migraine can take many different forms and cause so many awful symptoms. I can't imagine a life without migs as suffered all my life. Good luck with your referral.

  • Hello, I have also had migraines since childhood and about three years ago they got a lot worse. I have been diagnosed with hemiplegic migraines. They are a very rare form of migraine. They cause me to have stroke like symptoms and I have passed out a few times with them. I was in hospital and told by a neurologist that it is your body coping with the pain. He was actually the best neurologist I have ever seen and was really really good. They say if you don't normally have these symptoms you should see a doctor for tests because it could be something else causing it.

    Good Luck with everything.

  • Hi there! I'm sorry to hear what you go through, that sounds awful! Thanks for getting back to me.. I have to say i kind of had a sigh of relief that a neurologist told you about the body's way of coping thing.. Although I am going to have a chat with my doc and see what she says. Thanks again, I wasn't sure anyone would reply haha. JP

  • I hope your chat with your doctor goes well and you feel more at ease afterwards. :)

  • Thank you Schuene!

  • Hi... I know how scary this can be. I didn't know what was happening when I had a type of seizure and passed out for the first time. This happens to me when the migraines are most severe. I have been told by migraine specialist that it is a pain response....the body is overwhelmed by pain and the storm of migraine. Hope this helps you know you are not alone. Take care.

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