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Migraine auras and heart problems


Hi. I have been a migraine aura sufferer for 24 years now. I also have heart problems. I have seen cardiologists many of them over the years and a few have said auras and heart problems are related but never been proven. Just wondering how many people on here who suffer with auras have any type of heart related problem?

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I suffer from migraines and have a pacemaker inserted since the age of 26. I used to suffer “blackouts” and after 18 months or so of investigations eventually an issue was discovered with my heart rhythm. I had to wear a holter monitor for 48 hours and a pause of 20 seconds was recorded on the ECG. Whilst wearing the monitor, I could feel that an “episode” was imminent. As instructed, I had pressed the button on the monitor box to alert the doctors who would be reading the results stored by the holter monitor. When I was recalled, as a matter of urgency, to hospital the doctor couldn’t understand how I knew that something was wrong and had pressed the button. After all, I had blacked out after experiencing the strange feelings but as I was still in bed I couldn’t be 100% sure of this. I remember telling the doctor about the strange feelings I would have, feelings that I had learned to listen to them after 18 months of being unwell and having repeated episodes. It was difficult to put those feelings into words but I had felt quite panicky, light-headed and nervous. I just knew instinctively that something had happened yet again.

My father suffered with bad migraines up to the age of 56 when he had a heart attack. He never had another migraine and died at 88. I also suffered with migraines on a very regular basis. I was fortunate to discover that the caffeine in coffee was the main culprit. Once I switched to decaff. my migraines became milder and less frequent. In 2016 I had 5 stents fitted and I haven't had a migraine since.

Hi I have hemiplegic migraine and APS( sticky blood) I get palpitations lol the time and I have a leaky heart valve x

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