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Myasthenia Gravis Association

Be aware

Please be aware that if you post some health truths on HealthUnlocked you will be blocked! If you try to help people with ailments which doesn’t involve making anyone rich i.e. by encouraging prescription drug use - then ‘they’ will block access. Why is that? I thought this was a site to help people who are genuinely ill and are looking for genuine answers? Take the time to ask why that would be?

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That is not true on many of the other HU forums? I think you may find that it is the administrators of certain forums are more sensitive than others - HU don’t moderate - as on many of the others alternative treatments are often discussed - often vigorously - but discussed.

Obviously all advertising is blocked for a particular product.

I have seen your posts on Aspertame and I agree that there is a very large question mark over the side effects and personally I check all ingredients of food and drug intake to ensure it is not one.

I’ve had diagnosed Myasthenia gravis for some 4 years, I developed specific symptoms after a heart procedure and taking drugs known to exacerbate Mg - Aspartame is not an antagonist for me personally but I still steer well clear!


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