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I am from Brazil and here it is difficult to get help.


I come with great shame to ask the help of those who want to be in solidarity with my situation. I am a carrier of a serious neuromuscular disease that is getting worse and worse, I ask everyone who can give this help. The reason why this request for help is written in the link below, thank you very much and the attention of everyone. Sorry, but I really need this help, moderators of the forum, do not ignore, please.

Please contribute with what you can, please.... Sorry, I do not know English very well, I did it with the help of the translator.

sorry my english I'm using help from a translator... please, I made a post about my history, asking for financial help ... I have the disease, congenital myasthenic syndrome due to acetylcholinesterase deficiency. I have a lot of muscle weakness, shortness of breath and with that a lot of depression.... I ask your understanding and if possible help me, here in Brazil it is very difficult to get help ... who can help by donating what they can. I thank you from the heart background

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Sorry but I wont be donating money to a stranger. Maybe the admin can shed light on who this is please????

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I apologize for this, here in Brazil it is difficult to find help, there is no website about my illness ... My story is written in the link I passed, sorry I do not know English well, I am using an online translator, if you do not understand the text of the link, translate it into English with a trainer ... I am in great need of help and I do not know who else to call

I humbly request the understanding of the moderators of the site, my story is real unfortunately, I wish it were not, but I'm going to need a lot of support and here in Brazil is very bad, people do not understand ... If I had conditions, I would like to move out of here.

My mother was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis in her 80s so I'm very familiar with the disease. I know how bad it can be. All I can say is I hope you can find some help. I dont know much about health servics in Brazil and I dont know who you are....good luck

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I understand, thank you very much for the attention and answers, I was sincere and honest quoting my story it was difficult to expose myself like this ... Health in Brazil is very weak, we do not have much support.

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