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Tired eyes around noon

I have several autoimmune diseases. This is a secondary for me. I've noticed as of latest that around noontime, I have trouble seeing, focusing. Does anyone else experience this as the day goes on? It's like clockwork. I'm thinking it could be just the muscles getting tired. If so, I'd appreciate any suggestions to help me. I work with translation and it becomes hard to focus on my papers and computer screen. Thank you

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My eyes get tired a lot, so I take frequent breaks from reading/the screen. I make a drink, walk to the printer, pop to the loo. Just a few minutes helps

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Hi, I agree with Alimyson, taking short breaks help. is this a new thing? Maybe have a chat with your GP or consultant.

All the best, 'M'


Thank you both for your reply. I've had eye trouble for a while, but now it's starting to make more sense. Though as of late I'm definitely noticing it around that time being much worse. I will definitely try taking more breaks.


Obviously it is concerning you, so, maybe a trip to the opticians if you don't want to bother your GP. I have to have prisms in my specs. as I get mild double vision. Also under care of an eye clinic at the hospital. As my eyes get tired my eyelids droop and restrict my vision. Oh, and I have several autoimmune conditions too.

Hope this helps. 'M'


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