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Hi everyone, i have been doagnosted 2 months ago with Occular Myasthenia (one of my eyes lids dropped) all my exams are negative (blood, Scan, neurological) but when i took the drug my eye lid is normal again, i take 3 to 4 pills a day and it is ok. My question is if anybody knows whether the OM with treatment can become genetalized? Thank u in advance for your help and support.

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Hi, I was diagnosed last year with Occular Myasthenia Gravis. For years I found that when I was reading, my right eye closed. I mentioned it to two opticians, the first said it was probably a habit and the second mentioned myasthenia gravis. He then referred me to hospital but the blood test didn't reveal MG. They tried botox injections but no change. I was then put on mestinon which made the eyelid stay open while reading. The side effects though were impossible to live with. On my last visit to hospital, it was decided that I try another med to counteract the side effects of mestinon. Am still waiting for that prescription. I haven't been advised as to what could happen in the future.


If you go to the Myaware site you will find loads of info on all types of Mg.

I seem to remember reading that OM can sometimes progress to Generalised, mine started with occular and very soon became Generalised i.e. Weeks - but I tested sero positive.

Many people test sero negative but are diagnosed clinically with Mg.

When you say you Re treated and take 3-4 tablets a day I hope you know that is not treating the condition - just controlling the symptoms?


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