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Hi we live south of England my husband had myasthenia when he was 23 had a thymenectomy and went into remission until 2 years ago he is now 56 , he is not quite as bad, but ovisually bad considering he is older. He still works now maybe 4 days a week lots of weekness in his arms now .take regular piridtosgmyne and predisilone and is on methertroxate which seems to be working but unfortunately lots of side affects, worst one is a tremdous amount of cramps.

Would like to know of a local group we live in the dartford Kent area

Di ..

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The best place to ask this question is on the Myasthenia Charity FB page - Myaware. They run the support groups.

If your husband is a member, you should receive the newsletter. If he isn't - he is missing out on a lot of services.

Go to the website or the FB page.

Best wishes CD


PS cramping - warm bath in sea salt type bath salt, controlling electrolytes - I find coconut water good for this - warm pad on affected areas - mine always worst at night.


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