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Headaches Mostly Gone 80 days later

This is meant to be an encouraging uplifting post for anyone just getting or who is recently recovering from meningitis. I am about 80 days removed from an aseptic meningitis two week stay in the hospital. The diagnosis was partially treated bacterial meningitis.

I am happy to report I have resumed my previous normal life. I still occassionally get headaches, but they are no longer daily occurrences. Mostly when I do not hydrate properly or something particularly stressful is happing around me. I still have the pressure headache when I sneeze, but not every time I sneeze, so that's a relief. Mostly have begun using a neti pot to help with allergies to reduce sinusitis symptoms. I only take 500 mg of aceteminephin when I get them and that usually knocks the headache out. If not an additionally 500 has always worked.

For those of you who still have daily headaches and are many months or even years removed from meningitis hospital stays, my sincerest sympathies are with you. I apparently have been very fortunate to have had a bout with meningitis which so far does not appear to have any long term consequences.

Hopefully someone is reading this haveing recently been admitted to the hospital and can feel encouraged that their life will get better and the headaches will back off.

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I had MM with complications of DIC 35 years ago and was in the hospital for 6 months. About 10 years ago, those recurring but previously infrequent headaches became daily headaches. They don't throb...they feel like a very tight band around my head. (My toe area {my toes were debrided halfway down when they & my legs were coal black in the hospital) ALSO ALWAYS still feel like someone is pulling a razor-sharp wire around them.)

But I have learned to live with both the daily headaches and the foot (toe area) pain. I take ONE Excredrin Extra Strength when the headache occurs...and this usually knocks it out. The foot problem is worse to treat for relief, but I use OTC Bio-Freeze. Helps a little...but the best solution for my foot pain was to find ...finally...ONE pair of shoes that threw my weight to my HEELS and didn't touch my toe area. Took me YEARS to find that one pair of good-loiokin' shoes tho.


also placing bricks at the end of your bed will help, sounds mad but also works, also carry a jar of vic, this can also help with aches and headaches :)


glad to hear you are feeling better :)


Thanks for leaving some encouraging news and am so glad you have made a good recovery.Wishing you all the best.


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