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Neonatal meningitis

Neonatal meningitis

My daughter daisy was born on christmas day 2012 and on boxing day was diagnosed with neonatal meningitis. She was in an incubator for a week and on antibiotics for 3 weeks thankfully she pulled through and is fine (that we know of) the most difficult thing I've ever been through i would appreciate anyone who has been through the same thing to share there story

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Hello, my son was two weeks to the day when we took him to hospital to soon find out he had bacterial meningitis. It was two long weeks in hospital filled with fear for my good friend had just lost her baby six months prior to meningitis. He was recovering fairly well with minor delays and seizure his autoimmune system was also affected leaving him with multiple trips to the hospital. Just 3 weeks ago we lives our nightmare all over agen as he contracted a strain of viral meningitis needing us to be air lifted to a children's hospital. I will keep your family in my thoughts hopping the best outcome for your sweet little daughter <3


Morning from United Kingdom

Firstly may I wish your daughter a full recovery . and wish her well

Just to reassure you I have had menincocal bacterial meningitis yes 4 Times and each time i have just about pulled through . Horrible illness and life threatening as you know.

I had 3 times in childhood and recently wjhen 50 yrs of age, . Keep an eye on the development of your child and try to not worry , eventhough hard.

hopefully a one off, the reason(I had 4 attacks was becouse a diagnosed Immunity defficiency issue , hence life long tablets now .

Genuinely hope your daughter is Fine and Im asuming your still seeing a specialist or not for her., so they can monitor any after effects. Sincerely hope make a full recovery

God Bless, Keep Positive

Keith from Wales UK


Hi, my baby daughter was diagnosed with viral meningitis when she was 1 week old, now she s 4 weeks and still very sleepy. Can I ask you how was the recovery path of your babies? Is it normal that she seems better one day and the day after she sleeps all day, just waking to feed... Any tips to help her? When did you feel your babies where normal again ? What a horrible disease!


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