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Meningitis and nystagmus (random eye movement)?


I contracted viral meningitis at the start of August this year. I am making a gradual recovery, though I still have headaches (especially after watching TV/ using a computer).

However, I recently went for a check up and the doctor noticed that I have nystagmus (a sort of random eye movement - see link).

Because of the timing I think it must be linked to my meningitis. Has anybody else had this symptom? Is it common? If anybody else has a similar experience I would really like to hear about it.



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Hi Sarah, So sorry to hear you have suffered viral meningitis but good that you have found this forum for support.I had bacterial Meningitis back in Jan 2008 which damaged my balance system -inner ears and cerebellum.One of the main signs of damage to inner ears and balance is nystagmus -when the doctor asks you to follow an object with your eyes that is what he/she is looking for.If your ears and brain and eyes are not callibrated( working together) it will show as jerky movements of the eyes.This isnt under our conscious control.

Mines has gradually got better over the years but I still have some jerky movements.It is my balance that is very badly damaged -unable to stand without crutches and vertigo all the time.I am on crutches and wheelchair for outside.

You are in early days for recovery -you are bound to have headaches ,fatigue and need to treat yourself gently.There are lots of great blogs and advice on this forum,from folks who have had viral or bacterial Meningitis,so try to have a look if you are able.Limit TV and computer as this is very stimaltaing on the brain,causing fatigue.I was a long while,probably 6 months after before I was able to use computer or watchTv.

One of the recurrent themes on forum is the lack of aftercare after Meningitis especially viral,which for some reason is seen as less serious,though from my reading can be just as debilitating with its after effects.So if you feel worried or unhappy with side effects,do get back to your GP or contact the Meningitis Trust.

I went for a whole year without any aftercare,and had to ask GP to refer me for further specialist help.I was inappropriately treated with long term stemetil( to stop vertigo and nausea) which resulted in my brain not being able to compensate for the damage,and I am still in exactly same position nearly 5 yrs on.

It is difficult to advise ,as we are all different.We all take different times to recover -some recover fully and go back to noraml life,but sadly many if they survive this awful disease are left with drastically altered lives.

But htis forum is a wonderful source of support as is the wonderful MT,so you need not feel alone.Take care.


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