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Legs Ache !

I had Bacterial Meningitis in March 2011with the usual visit to Intensive care for a week plus a few days on a ward before being dispatched home to complete the course of IV's there. After a few months of recovering, I wanted to start exercising, so started walking. Gradually built up the distance so that in the past few months I have been on organised 5 mile walks.Whilst I still get very tired after walking, I'm pleased with the progress. However, about 3 months ago my legs started to ache, mostly above the knees and now and again I get sore joints in my legs and sometime hips. The aches and pains often ease after a reasonable walk rather than get worse. Getting out of a chair is more of an effort now as well. Doctor referred me to hospital physio who couldn't find anything wrong and in fact said all was in good nick. So, confused what is going on here. Could it be neurological with some rewiring going on where Meningitis caused some brain / nerve damage ? Anyway, has anyone else had these types of issues with legs with the pain starting several months after suffering from BM ?


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I am not sure if I am correct in saying this but I think I have heard that meningitis can leave a sort of arthritic condition?I have similar aches and also what has been termed neuropathic pain.My Gp says I dont have arthritis and I dont have any swelling but my joints definitely ache,especailly in damp weather.

The neuropathic pain is weird and I can only describe it as a kind of cramping pain,with often creepy crawley sensations(like I have little insects crawling under skin!)plus restless legs.Gp did say this could have been caused by nerve damage from Meningitis.For this I take gabapentin at night,but to be honest Im not sure if it really works.though it does make me sleepy enough to fall over to sleep.

I did attend a pain clinic and they did describe how pain,even if it is now over and healed can cause chronic pain and they seemed to think this was what was causing my ongoing pain and migraines 5 yrs post meningitis.May be worth asking for a pain clinic referall as there are lots of drugs they can try to help.In my case we are still working through them,but have at last found something to prevent the constant migraines.

Hope this helps.



I suspect that my achey legs are due to nerve damage and will hopefully get referred to a Neurologist at some stage, but looks like they want to rule out leg / joint condition via the Physio first. Don't think that mine get any worse when its damp, although not had enough dry weather to compare !! But thats interesting though.

Interesting what you say about the pain clinic, I'll kep that in mind when I go to Doctors next. Luckily my head pain went away after 6 months or so and glad that you have found a solution to your migraines.

Thanks for replying and take care.



Hi Martin......

I am still in recovery from Pneumococcal Bacterial Meningitis,which i contracted on New Years Day 2012. Thankfully after spending 9 days in High Dependacy and few days on the ward....with Excellent Care from Doctors and Nuses,i am now on the right road to recovery.

Although im still suffering from a few side effects-lack of concentration,poor co-ordination,some short term memory loss,poor balance and have had excruciating leg pain and loss of walking ability since my illness. I can sympathise with you here,but due to the Fabbbbb Work of My Physiotherapist and a long 7months attending Physio on a weekly basis,i can now walk fully unaided :o) and Muscles in my legs are almost Fully Functional again. Although still have a wee bit to go yet. I had been getting severe pain and cramps in both my legs for the first 5 months of my illness,then my GP-who has also been great :o) Prescribed me Tablets called-Quinine Sulphate 300mg!! As well as my physio,im certain that these tablets have really helped me with the pain. Maybe you could ask your GP to prescribe you some too.

Hopefully they will Help you as much as they have me,and hope you feel better really soon.

Take Care.....



Hi Trish,

Thanks for replying. Ouch !! you really did have leg problems but looks like you have done fantastic to get where you are today. My problem with my legs seems like a mere itch compared to what you have gone through.

Yep, I still have poor concentration and short term memory loss, but co-ordination and balance are nearly back to where they were. The pain in my legs is like a dull ache and feels a bit like pins and needles or some times like a dead leg. Joints get sore on occasion for no particular reason. Am afraid that my GP has not been anything like yours, just stares at me as if I am a freak. I will enquire though about the Quinine Sulphate.

Good luck with the rest of your recovery.



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