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as any one had to have a house extension because of men

hi all

j have great problems getting up and down stairs. My OT came with a man from a chair lift company but i was told that because of the shape of my stairs and landing they could not fit a stair lift, also they could not put in a through lift.

so they have recommended me for a council grant to have a bed room and wet room added to mt down stairs

i know as a disabled person somethings you dont have to pay VAT ON

i have spent time reading up on what u can claim

Now from my understanding i can claim all the vat on my extension making it vat eggcemnt

but the project manager says no only on certain things

has any one else gone through this experience so i can get a idea of what i should be looking out for

thanks all

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Yes we do know of people that have needed home adaptations following meningitis.

I was sorry to read that you are having problems getting up and down your stairs. As you are getting a council grant for home adaptations, your project officer should know what is vat exempt and what is not.

Have you contacted the Meningitis Trust before, if not we may be able to help in some way? We provide the largest range of free professional services and community based support for people affected by meningitis in the UK. These can be accessed by contacting our nurse-led 24-hour Freephone helpline on 0808 80 10 388.

Further information can also be found on our website:

Do contact us if we can help.



I had both legs amputated below the knee in 2006 and as a result had problems with mobility in my home, my wife and I lived in the conservatory for 6 months so in the end I tackled my OT Telling her that I wanted to be moved to a property that suited my needs, my own home was not suitable for altering so the council showed me a property which had a stair lift, I had to point out the impracticality of this I could get from down stairs to up but then what would I do, so the upshot was that the local authority adapted the property to accommodate my needs, the dining room is now a downstairs bedroom with access straight in to the garden and the utility room is now a wet room they also installed a ramp from the garden gate.

Getting this was not easy I had to challenge the council but in the end I won through I sold my property and now rent this adapted property.


thank you for the messages

it has know i understand been put in the hands of a firm working for thr council

snd they will project manage it all but the down side is they will take 7.5%

the council appoint them which will be about £2.770 which is a big chunk of my building costs

i urge every one to go to your ot and if u need help ask about the grants from the council u can get


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