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Could this be symptoms of Viral Meningitis?

Friday August 5th I suddenly became sick: Vomiting,diarrhea, etc. Figured it was just a little bug so I went to bed. Woke up Saturday, August 6th feeling better. Monday, August 8th, found a rash on my chest that seemed to have appeared over night. Very itchy and burning. Over the week from August 8th-August 12th felt very fatigued, nauseated, and started getting headaches. Went to urgent care on August the 12th and was diagnosed with Shingles (I am a 22 year old healthy female with no prior medical problems, so it was weird that I got Shingles) I slept most of Saturday on the 13th just feeling icky but figuring it was all apart of having Shingles. Decided to go out with some friends Saturday even though I was still having horrible headaches and feeling nauseated. Sunday morning the 14th of August around 4am I started vomitting again and all day Sunday I couldn't keep anything down and by that evenindg I realized that I didn't urinate that entire day and that I must be dehydrated. The nausea I was feeling combined with headaches was miserable. I went the the ER Sunday night and they said that it was just the Shingles, a virus, and dehydration. Gave me fluids and sent me home. I am still having AWFUL headaches EVERYDAY so its been 3 weeks with a headache every day and not letting up. Nausea everyday and just extreme fatigue. The middle of my back near my spine is achy and uncomfortable. Bright lights kill my head. My neck hurts but I still have movement in it, just some tingling sensations in it. I dont have any fever and havent really during this whole process maybe a mild one but nothing too high. The site where the shingles is, doesn't hurt, it just itches (nothing else at all) Should I go back to the DR or let this run its course. Im just so tired of the headaches, nausea, and fatigue. I have a 14 month old daughter and these symptoms are making it VERY hard to function a normal everyday life. Any input?

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***I was explaining these symptoms to a friend and she mentioned a possibility of Viral Meningitis as a complication of Shingles... could that even be a possibility?

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I am sorry to hear that you have been feeling unwell over the past few weeks. Viral meningitis can be a very rare complication of shingles; however any virus can potentially cause viral meningitis.

The Meningitis Trust is not able to give medical advice or a diagnosis. If you are still concerned about your symptoms, I would strongly suggest that you go back and see your doctor. It may be helpful to ask the doctor if viral meningitis is a possibility.

If you need further information on viral meningitis, please do give our helpline a call on 0800 028 28 18 (24hr/day).



the only way they can tell is a spinal tap, which is not nice, but would give the answer you need


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