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Survey results so far. What can be done?

This is the current survey question and results, so far....

How much did you know about meningitis before it touched you/your family?

- 82% of you had heard about meningitis but didn't know much

- 18% didn't know anything at all

At the Meningitis Trust we are very active trying to get meningitis signs and symptoms information distributed to key places: doctors, hospitals, schools and universities. We're also working hard at making information easily available online and now through mobile phones, like our iPhone app. Of course, we have provided a 24-hour helpline for many years as well.

What else can be done? Do you have any cost effective ideas (eg, no TV ads!) for spreading information? How do we make the meningitis message stand out? How do you think we could help you, help us?

All ideas welcome,


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I am still writing back and forth with my local hospital, re treatment, the last letter I sent I recommend that they put a sign (poster with simple pictures on with symptoms)on the door, this way any tea ladies, cleaner and other staff would understand, what had, and why light hurts, I was told that due to patients confidently this could not happen :(

I have replied back saying surely you could get a member of the family or a patient to say it would be ok, my go I would have paid to have the sign up, with non stop people coming in, putting lights on, or even worst the first 3 days, been kept in a room with out curtains, hence having to wear sun glasses to help stop the pain.

After i came out i did post your poster of signs this was then passed threw my face book friends, ok not many, but if one person kept in their mind, may be it can help some one. J-pegs say so much more than words, twitter and facebook, can be a big help and linkedin (like facebook but for buiness people)

poeple have heard of it, but they have not heard of the after effects, when i went back to work, i was amazed how many people knew people who had had it, but none of them new what came after, the side affects., how it can make a person feel unsafe to go out, how the family are affected.


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