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Charity Footie Tournament

Charity Footie Tournament

Hi everyone!

The lads / lasses at Meningitis Trust advised me not to use me real name but as the story goes on you will see that - if I did not do a proper introduction, you would guess me first name anyways.

Me name is Krís, I was born in Cracow, adopted in Liverpool and now living in the Republic.

Me first experience with meningitis, especially children's one, was when me friend's daughter went into coma, was paralysed and miraculously survived. This friend then decided to fund a Charity in Cracow ( who works vigorously to educate and prevent children's meningitis.

I am a member of it, working mostly on the language side of the new website. I also thought it would be better if I set up a volunteer team to help it that tiny bit better. That was about a year ago when I brought to life (or for those who do not Facebook - which is totally understood -

At the moment I am in final stages of organising a charity football tournament in Liverpool - with proceedings going to Meningitis Charity (UK) and chosen charity in Liverpool with Hillsborough Justice Campaign and Marina Dalglish Fund being the most probable choices.

The reason I am writing this is simple and maybe a little selfish. I am gaining coverage of it, I want to ''sell'' the idea to as many people as possible, I do not expect donations at this stage and let's be honest that would be unfair to ask anyway.

However, if you know someone who's mad about footie and would like to spend two days having fun with purpose - ask them to visit any of above links and contact me. If you know somebody who would like to volunteer 2 days in Liverpool, ask them to give me a shout. If you ever done anything like this and have advice - I will be eternally grateful for that.

We're only a 5er - but together we are many!




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