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Neck pain

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Neck pain

I have been having neck pain for the longest and I have been diagnosed wiv cervical root pain and I have been seeing physiotherapist for the longest and my pain hasn’t gone away l

Anyone has any idea on what to do and I recently learned about what meningitis is should I be concerned??

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As someone who worked as an NHS professional I am extremely - yes, very extremely - anti "complementary therapies" as most have no evidence base. However I was persuaded to try "Body Stress Release" by a dearly loving cousin, for a frozen shoulder. Despite being very cynical I have to admit not only did the practitioner successfully get rid of the frozen shoulder, but the treatment did help with other symptoms including headaches. It is not cheap, nor are there many practitioners in the UK, but might help you. A web search will provide details. I am not recommending any particular treatment, but just saying that BSR helped me, but everyone has to do their own research.

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