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2 year old won’t wake post BM

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Sunday I brought my 2 year old into the emergency room due to vomiting and fever. We were sent home. I returned two hours later with an unresponsive limp child.

Long story short she has sepsis as a result of bacterial meningitis. She’s now on Day 3 or 4. They are treating the meningitis (and have been this whole time). MRI shows inflammation all through the fluid around her brain and some in her brain especially around the brain stem.

She is still unconscious. I’m losing hope that she’ll ever wake up.

This the second time she’s had bacterial meningitis, we thought we had a miracle when she fully recovered from it at 3 months old. I think we are out of miracles

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Awwww sometimes takes a couple weeks before being responsive. Sending prayers your way and an army of angels 😇 to heal her. 💜

Hi Gigismum. I am praying for you and your daughter. We were told our new born baby son would most probably not make it as he contracted BM at birth with sepsis and was in icu for 15 days. He is now 31. May you keep your strength. You are in mythoughts and prayers.

Never Give up hope. Meningitis takes time to cure. She will come around. Just keep praying and see that you give what is best possible for her. Rest leave it to almighty.

Please keep the faith that the Lord will hear & heal your little one. I too will pray for you both.

Hello, please do not give in to despair, I will pray for you, your daughter and for the doctors to have wisdom

Feel so sorry for you this must be so upsetting hope for a good recovery

I am so sorry this has happened. I will keep you both in my prayers. I always say and believe that you heal as you sleep.

The fact that she has had this twice breaks my heart. But, a very young girl in our town had it and made a complete recovery. Rest if you can and keep yourself strong. I know it is easy to despair but keep the faith. We on this site are behind you in prayers and best wishes.

I’m so sorry to hear this. I am thinking of you all and praying for your daughter. My son bc sepsis and BM when he was 11 months old. He remained in his coma for 7 days. I am sure she will wake up soon and start fighting again. So sad to hear that she has already been through this. Xx

Prayers for your daughter and entire family. Don’t lose hope, God is a living God and can do miracle once you believe. Have faith and be strong. Mark 9:23My son got BM when he was 10months old and he stayed in ICU for 21days. He was also unconscious due to all the medicine . I’m sure she’s will be fine, she’s a fighter.

Keep praying gigismum🙏🏻 God bless you.


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She’s still unconscious but making improvements. We have an MRI today so we will know more. We are told that the progress is great and that it takes time so we need to be patient. I just wish we could know if she’s still “there”

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menchild in reply to gigismum

Must be so stressful for you. Prayers 🙏 and love ❤️being sent

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Fortywinks4 in reply to gigismum

We are praying for you. Please keep us updated.

My love and thoughts are with you x My sister had Bacterial Meningitis at 3 weeks old. I remember her being a sweet healthy, perfect baby. Then I hardly saw her and when I did I didn't recognise some of her features and from multiple surgeries, at times I saw huge scars, her head shaved with staples in it. The severity of her condition & the monthly preparation (as predicted by health professionals) Her journey & will to survive, against odds never beaten - My little sister in her entirety survived, yet with irreversible damage to her brain, physically her body endured insurmountable amounts trauma. Reliant completely on parent / caregiver for the rest of her limited life left.

Seizures, Headaches, Full body Muscle Cramps, Botched surgery injuries, sat next to dozens of daily medication and physiotherapy, some she didn't and should not have been recommended to, she also caught it a second time. .

17 almost 18 years after learning my sister caught Meningitis and couldn't come home: she passed away day before my birthday, My Mum called in time for me to speak whike mum held phone ither ear. I was hollering her name and letting her know I loved her so MUCH. How she humbled an entire generation just being her beautiful and innocent Angel she is.

Love and Light x From New Zealand

So sorry to hear about that. Hope the baby will recover soon. Sending love and prayers.

Keep praying she will come back to you I was in a induced coma for over a week with meningitis so young a big hug to you all

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