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Shingles twice followed by viral meningitis

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Hi I had shingles twice which my GP treated really quickly so feel I got off lightly. I then got VM. I have suffered with neuropathic pain ever since along with some really odd sensations too. The symptoms have improved but not gone altogether, it has taken over 6 years. I have now been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Not convinced. I hope the better understanding of the impact of viruses improves as a result of the focus on long covid.

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Wow-so sorry you went through this. I have recurrent VM and I have had two spinals in which they tested for numerous things and not found my cause/trigger. Chicken pox, varicella-zoster virus, is something we discussed as I've never had chicken pox or the vaccine. As we know shingles comes from chicken pox. So recently I got the chicken pox (comical kind of since I'm in my early 50's) and I am over due for a VM attack. Correlation? No idea but I can hope! I agree with you and hope more research is done on long term effects from viruses. Something severely overlooked in the US. Luckily I have a great neurologist and GP who admit they don't have all the information but are helping me and never discount me. We all read and look for answers.

Your story sounds a bit like mines but I was the other way around. VM followed by zoster. I gave up asking doctors for help and decided to take matters into my own hands following a lot of research. I bought zovirax tablets via an online doctor/private prescription. I took them for 2 years and they changed my life. I'm not suggesting you do the same but perhaps have a conversation with your doctors? There is evidence that zovirax helps with VM/zostra neuralagia so perhaps that could be a starting point in the conversation? I hope you find your answer because pain is no fun 🥰

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