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Shingles Following Viral Meningitis

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How many people have experienced Shingles following viral meningitis?

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Yes, I had shingles for the first time in my life two years after having VM.Excruciatingly painful.

I had shingles for the first time 1 year after bacterial meningitis. I was almost back to full time working after a phased return. Was off work for 8 months.

Hi yes I had shingles one year after having Listeria Meningitis/ Encephalitis, presumably caused by having a lower immune system.

Yep. Mild shingles . After Mumps Meningitis.

I had shingles that actually CAUSED the VM. They were on my face/head any my dumb doctor told me it was acne and that the pain and headaches I was having was from allergies! Three days later I ended up in the ER because the pain was so great I thought I was having a brain aneurysm. They did the spinal tap and found out it was meningitis but still didn't know what kind yet. They didn't notice the shingles on my face because my doctor told me it was acne I put make up all over it and covered them up!! It wasn't until the next day that the doctors noticed them and suspected shingles. Then the labs from my spinal tap came back a few days later and confirmed it was VM and caused by shingles. Needless to say I never went back to that first doctor ever again!

My wife’s VM started with shingles. Ow when she has shingles relapses her head pain gets much worse It like shingles of the meninges.

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