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After effects of V.M.


Hi, 3 years after V.M. for the past 2 years l have experienced weakness and pain in my upper arms, shoulders, neck and ankles? Just had electrical muscle test and awaiting results but was wondering if anyone else had experienced this. Also have problems with headaches and very low B12 but don't know if that is relevant. Thank you.

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Yes! I am 2 1/2 years out and still have the same. If I didn't know what it was, I would think I was having strokes every day. I am really sick of it. I try to stay positive and ignore it, but that is impossible some days. I feel better when I am at work.

Hi, I am not a doctor, or in the medical field at all. However, I do know from previous experience that b12 deficiency can cause headache and malaise. Check for other symptoms of b12 deficiency also. What do you mean by problems with headaches?

Mojo67 in reply to Locomotivo

For nearly two and a half years l had headaches every day of varying degrees, some seemed to be made worse not by external noise but by my own voice ! Now however they have settled down to much less frequency and l know my triggers, stress, tiredness and overthinking. Was left with a strange weakness with numbers after v.m. couldn't reverse two numbers and had to teach myself how to cash up again. Thanks for the B12 tip will check it out.

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