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My meningitis story


I had meningitis when I was 18 .

Now I'm 43 and I suffer from really bad headaches.

I came back from Spain on holiday with my best friend and the next day I was at work .it was a hot day but I was so cold and couldn't stop shivering.

So my boss sat me in the canteen to see if it would pass .but it diddent .

So my dad who I worked with drove me home and I went to bed thinking it would go .

I remember my mom coming in turning on the light and it hurt so much .

So she called the doctor and he said I had i was just run down

As the day went on i was getting even worse .so my mom phoned another doctor.he came out took one look at me .

And said get him to hospital right away

I remember the guys from the ambulance carrying me down the stairs and that's it

Then I remember waking up on a hospital bed and seeing the needle they were going to use to do the lombarpunch .

I felt the niddle run against my spine .

Then I passed out .but I was later told that I died .

I lost so much weight I was 14 stone when I went in hospital and came out saying 6 stone .

I will never get rid of the headaches .I have to live with em . My wife is so understanding when I get em and she does what she can .

Well that's what happend to me I'm just so glad I'm still here .and I feel for those who lose family and loved ones who has passed from meningitis.

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Wow what a story ! I’m 44 and one year on from my VM episode

It’s hard , stay strong , this forum has literally been my go to for a year and met a really good friend on here

Although many miles away , I’m in England’ she s in Texas , she has been my strength.

It s lovely we can share stories and experiences

I too still suffer horrific headaches and head pain, visual disorders and general fatigue but I’m getting there

Thanks for sharing

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