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Please help 🥺


Hi everyone, I’m a new member, I really could use some advice please... hopefully I’m just being “Overdramatic” but I’m really not well 😢 I’ve got a rash under both of my breasts, very red and angry looking, very itchy and a bit warm to the touch. I’ve taken a photo which I’ll attach, I’ve also been poorly with diarrhoea every day for 9 weeks. Any advice is greatly appreciated 🥰x

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Did you mean to post here, Warrior - it is a forum covering meningitis?

However, it does sound as though you have a couple of quite separate conditions going on. I may be able to help you with that rash as I had very similar once during last summer. It is simply a sweat rash which you need to get treated before it either gets infected or fungal. Your GP will prescribe some cream, possibly steroid based. Also mention the diarrhoea especially if you’ve had it for 9 weeks - not something that should be left that long!

Warrior50 in reply to Celtic

Hi Celtic, many thanks for your reply 😊 My friend said she thought that the rash looked like VM or BM, so I thought this would be the best place to ask. I’ll get both issues checked with my GP tomorrow. Will let you know 💜😊

It cd be a poor functioning immune system - gut health imbalance. Try taking some probiotics and go talk to yr Dr.

Hi Warrior50

It looks to me as if it is probably a sweat rash. It lots of women get them especially if you have large breasts. You may find relief by putting dry face flannels under your breasts. Use E45 cream, Eurax cream or camomile lotion for the itch. Your doctor can prescribe a steroid cream. It may be a yeast infection so perhaps a doctor visit is needed. I don't think the diahorea is connected though. Maybe it's a separate issue you need to address x

I would see a doctor. I had a breast rash and had everything checked out. I did not have meningitis though my husband did

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