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Heath risks


Do you think there is a meningitis risk to children when they do return to school because they've been kept away from others and immune systems could be compromised?

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Hi Sorba, it is impossible to say. Cases of meningitis do seem to have fallen during lockdown. Most school aged children (5yr- 14yr old) generally have a low risk of contacting meningitis in the UK.

Those aged between 15 - 18yr do have a higher risk, and for this reason they are offered the MenACWY vaccine around the age of 14yr (UK). Some of these vaccines will have been delayed due to the pandemic so we will be watching this carefully.


sorba in reply to MNClaireD

Thanks for your reply Claire. As someone who had a near fatal attack of meningitis in my forties 29 years ago I am concerned about the risks, but with these vaccinations available I'm sure there will be less risk

MNClaireDAdministrator in reply to sorba

Sorry to hear about your meningitis experience. This is a an awful disease and although we now have a number of effective vaccines, vaccines do not yet exist to prevent all causes. We fight on to raise awareness, support meningitis research and support all those who have been impacted by the disease. Take care, Claire

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