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Dizzy spells

Hi all I am 16 month's post pneumococcal meningitis and I still have very dizzy spells on and off is this normal

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Hi, I am 18 months from having the same condition and I have dizziness every day all day. My vestibular in both deafness and balance were badly affected, which is the cause of my issues. I have a continually fuzzy head (apart from when I am asleep) and I hope that in time that might disappear. Apparently 18 months is only a relatively short time to recover (as best we can) from BM so it appears we just have to persevere. Personally, I think I’ve tried everything so it’s very frustrating, especially when I was so fit and healthy before.

Good luck with your recovery. I hope this is useful.


Thank you for the reply you just don't realise the effects this has on you and how long it takes.


Hi, I had BM approx 2 1/2 years ago. I do still suffer from dizzy spells, amongst other things. I lost the sight in one eye and most of the hearing in one ear. However it has been helped to some degree by some manoeuvre my ENT consultant performed which had something to do with ear crystals. It is worth asking if this may help you. Good luck, it's a long hard road but we are still here :-)


Hi, four years of dizzy and balance problems not driving, tried ENT’s, Nuero, specialist. A natural path put me on 15 mg NP Thyroid a day, I’m driving again, really helped my situation . Hope u can find help, best luck to you.



I am exactly 1 yr from a close call with cryptococcal meningitis. After lots of med treatment for the fungal aspect I have recovered quite a bit, but still totally deaf and balance/coordination is maybe 60/70% back to normal. I came up with my own vestibular exercises and if done regularly they definitely help. From day one I also slowly got back in the groove of doing things around home. Over time things have slowly/steadily improved. May never feel totally normal, but at least I am far from bed bound at the mercy of this illness as I was last year.


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