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Diagnosis for Viral Meningitis side effects

I had viral meningitis 7 years ago when I was 11 but the 1st hospital I was taken to taught it was malaria because I was in Nigeria, this eventually lead to me being in a coma for 3 days and was admitted for over a month. I had vision problems which was later treated by laser eye surgery. I wasn't aware any other side effects could arise from meningitis until 1 year ago. After that I realized my perception of things changed after I returned home 7 years ago but I thought that was because of my vision problems. I have some side effects such as headaches and co ordination problems. I think I have memory loss because I can't seem some things about home life in Nigeria which my siblings all remember now that I am Britain. I also think i have difficulty retaining information because I often have to read things over again to understand.

I am wondering if anyone knows how I can be sure about having the side effects.

I would go to the doctor but I don't want to bring my family in this.

Thanks for reading.

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Hi Inioluwa, what you are going thru is normal. I am 4 yrs post and still have post effects of brain fog, vertigo, intermittent head pain, anxiety and loss of cognitive if I am stressed or tired. I still work but I have gone part-time. We have brain trauma, you are going to have a new normalcy, don't push yourself too much. You will be able to handle life, just a little differently. Tell your family and friends, co-workers what you are experiencing so they can be a support to you. This site is great should you need to talk about what your experiencing. The people here will understand. Stay strong.

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Thank you very much


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