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Viral meningitis causing vision problems

I was diagnosed with VM after a bad EBV infection. I had a spinal tap done revealing my csf pressure had gone up to 27mmHg when the normal range is between 10-20. Even before I had the viral menigitis diagnosis I was experiencing strange symptoms. Numbness, feeling dizzy all the time, seeing dots and visual disturbances, tingling in my jaw, horrible brain fog, light sensitivity, horrible fatigue and the list goes on. That was the beginning of 2019. My diagnosis of VM was in may and now its july. I can barely drive anymore due to light sensitivity and seeing bright dots when im moving. Also my eyes feel dry and worn out all the time, even a good nights sleep doesn't help. I went to a Neuro ophthalmologist and told me I was having visual hallucinations. That it wasnt my eyes that are the problem, its something to do with my brain. Im very depressed about the whole situation because its hard to believe ill ever get back to normal. I hope im not losing my mind here and someone else has had a similar experience. Previously before 2019 I was healthy and hiked everyday and enjoyed the outdoors but now after weird symptoms leading up to my diagnosis of viral meningitis I feel like a completely different person. Its been 3 months since I had viral meningitis and I still have constant brain fog and weird visual disturbances. I have been seeing an opthaneurologist to try and pin point the issue but all he told me was that my eyes are healthy and that it must be something to do with the brain. Basically after having the meningitis I started seeing the blue field entoptic phenomenon. Seeing my white blood cells in bright light. Also in bright light my vision seems to sparkle, like everything is moving around. Looking at the sky is also horrible, its like seeing translucent bright colored tad poles floating around in the sky. They never stop moving and the dots I see come down through my vision from the top. To make things worse I now have dry eye syndrome. I had punctual plugs put in to help retain moisture. Hope these symptoms go away at some point because its driving me crazy. I dont know if ill ever be normal again or be able to enjoy the world as I used to just a year ago.......

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I think it's about a year ago I had my last episode and I never got diagnosed because I had them partly during a depression I was going through alone, so I don't know if it's viral or bacterial. And in the aftermath it's not really important to know I guess and I have spasms or twitches which are partly stress related (had them already), so I didn't really felt up for a needle in my spine. I have some light sensitivity with led screens (not really hurts anymore), always a blue filter on and lower back light, some shops with led light are worse then others, but improving. Still fatigued a lot, many days I still have to sleep during the day, after a walk or some small home jobs. The tingling in my body has gotten a lot better. Still brain fogged a lot, dizziness and feeling like lifting off, forgetful, other words come out, difficulty concentrating, getting things lined out for a more complex task can be quite an effort. Wiped my hd instead of a usb stick last week, sometimes I have no idea what I'm doing... Mornings are better now, but many times feel like a hangover without headache. Dry eyes a lot better, have strange effects sometimes. As a hsp I was familiar with life as a rollercoaster and that has sometimes intensified. I like to use barley wheat grass and kombucha, kefir and take low doses, when I take too much it can swipe me of my feet. Used a lot of body processes -now I start to get lost- so gonna sleep


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