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My story🤗

So i’ve got an immune deficiency which means It’s harder for me to fight off the bacterial meningitis bug and am now on life long antibiotics.

I have had 4 episodes of meningococcal meningitis at the ages of 10,16,16 and 17 and luckily enough from that I’ve only gotten bad eye sight which a pair of glasses fix.

Every episode I’ve had all different symptoms from the head aches the rash. The sick was in one case which led to me not going into the hospital as soon as I should have because we thought it was food poisoning🤦‍♀️ So now every slight symptom I have I get checked just incase.

I like sharing my story because I feel like everyone hears of the bad things that happen but in my case I’m still healthy after having 4 times and not letting my deficiency hold me back. I currently can’t wait to go back to study science at college of the hope of being a pharmacist and enjoying life to the full.

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Thank you so much for sharing your story Amy . I am so glad to read that you have been left with minimal problems and hope to go back to your studies with the aim of becoming a pharmacist.

It is great to hear your positive outlook, despite the risk of contracting meningitis again due to immune deficiency.

I am not sure of your age, but in case you are interested, we have a Believe and Achieve programme specially for young people under 25yr:

Best wishes, Claire


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