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SS disability case re: meningitis


Greetings, I had meningitis as an infant which left me deaf in my right ear and suffer currently from poor executive function (problems w organization and planning) . I applied for SS disability and was denied. I’m trying to build my case and need tangible proof of brain damage. I thought maybe a CAT scan would help but wonder if anything would show up such as lesions or scarring. Any input/suggestions would be much appreciated.

Jason B.

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I think you would be better if you had cognitive testing by a neuro psychologist to evidence and validate what areas of your brain may have been affected. The CAT scan may not show anything.

TY. I have suspected that a scan would not show anything.

I had adjoining cerebral abscesses as well as Meningitis and it's the damage from the abscesses that shows on an MRI scan. Have you asked about being referred to a neuro psychologist who would do cognitive testing that would give evidence of your executive function problems? Did you struggle through school?

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