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Flying after recurring meningitis?


Hi, just found you after looking to find how soon can I fly after an attack? Or even if the attack is still happening?

I think from all I've read, I've the mollarets type, but nothing proven. My doc won't even acknowledge I've recurring meng as I wont allow the lumbar puncture after the 1st. My symptoms are identical to the first, just maybe slightly less harsh.

Couldn't the fluid build up be problematic with the different pressures in the craft at different altitudes etc? Ive seen how a bag of crisps blow up in a plane! Don't fancy my meningal layers doing anything like that?

Supposed to be flying weds, I've been ill 2 days now! So far!

Any thoughts, are there real medics on this site? No disrespect!


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This is by no means medical advice - or indeed any sort of advice - but I have successfully flown during a bout of VM. I didn’t fancy being treated in the country I was in, so flew home to admit myself to hospital in the UK. It was fine, I THINK - although the pain the next day was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. I’ve no idea If this was related.

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