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Anyone experience increased allergic reaction to bug bites since having VM?


I had VM last May and It has taken best part of a year to feel back to my usual self. I moved to a hot climate last October and since then have had 5 episodes of cellulitis from bug bites. Could just be bad luck that I’m so allergic but wondering if the impact on my immune system from the VM could be making the reaction to bites more severe and causing infection. I’ve read that cellulitis can cause meningitis so that’s a worry too! 😳

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Yes! I had meningitis last month and was bitten by several mosquitoes yesterday. At least I am guessing that is what is happening. I have a red swollen circle around 4 inches in diameter, if my arm was flattened, just above my wrist. I woke up with it this morning. It is hot, red, swollen and itchy but I don't want to scratch it. I can't see a hole from a bite in the centre, but I don't know what else it could be. I have other bites that are larger than I have ever had before, but this is rather concerning. I thought it would subside over the course of the day, but it is getting larger and hotter.

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