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Hi I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2001 and put on Levothyroxine ranging from 385mcg a day to my current daily dose of 225mcg. Throughout this time I have remained with symptoms such as joint pain, tiredness, hair loss on head and eyebrows, low mood and cold all the time. I’ve never seen an endocrinologist in this time so in May 2018 I paid privately to see an endocrinologist in Edinburgh. He said I’m not absorbing T4 and suggested I try T3 Liothyronine at a cost of £80 a month in the UK or try to source some abroad. I’ve manage to locate Tiromel in Turkey for £2 a pack for 100 tablets. Has anybody else used this and how have you felt on these?.

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Hi just seen your post from last year and wondered how you're doing since taking this. I'm in Turkey currently & going to have tests. Have you felt any better, lost weight etc?

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