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Post bacteria meningitis

Hello All, my brief story is that 9 weeks ago during the early hours of the morning I was suddenly vomiting a grey/black substance and couldn't move my neck and was becoming unrousable. I was taken to A&E where a lumber puncture revealed I was suffering from bacteria meningitis. After 3 days in ITC I spent the next 7 weeks in hospital being treated for MB and the consequences i.e. sepsis arthritis (resulting in almost total immobility), spinal abscess, loss of hearing and dizziness. Whilst I am now at home with a string of hospital appointments, which I guess isn't unusual, the most debilitating part is the dizziness, which affects just about everything I try and do. I have been informed by doctors that understandably I have been through a lot and the inflammation in my head especially will take time to settle. I know I'm not alone in this but does anyone have any ideas how to get over this/improve the situation apart from time itself of course. It's early days as to whether the damage done in all areas is permanent or not and from being a very fit man to this is obviously very concerning and frustrating. Again, I'm sure I'm not alone. Thanks for listening.

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I'm totally with you. Now one year on. My BM was after a craniotomy to remove a brain tumour 8 weeks afterthe op I was diagnoseddiagnosed with BM and my life went downhill. I also had osteomyelitis strep aureus so had 2 further surgeries to debride and drain. I'm still dizzy and it's horrible. My body looks OK now so people don't understand I'm not better. I don't see anyone and am about to lose my career due to not being able to get better quick enough. Advice. Seek physio it does help you cope but doesn't stop dizziness . It's an isolating experience. I'm very nervous about it recurring. I couldnt go through it again


Hi Tillytango! Thanks for your reply and I’m sorry to hear about your circumstances. It really is a brute of an illness. You have clearly gone through it with real life changing consequences. I hope you get better. I was informed by most doctors that the dizziness will get less in time but measured in months not weeks given the trauma to the brain. I have to walk with crutches so as not to fall over but you’re right in that when people look at you they can’t see how unwell you are; very deceptive. I am virtually deaf in one ear and today had hearing aids fitted, which is very strange.

Take care and should I learn about anything to combat the dizziness I’ll let you know.


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