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Hi... I don't really know if I have meningitis but, in august 2017, I suddenly felt severe neck, upset stomach, severe headaches with a fever, calves pain and of course with a really bad dizziness and not being able to stand still. Went to the hospital and they said I'm dehydrated, need to drink lots of fluids and I will get better and they let me out. I remember I was feeling awful, I was sure it was not only related to dehydration but that's what doctor said. It took me lots of time to recover, which caused anxiety and panic symptoms afterwords.

Today, after monthes, I'm having the same feelings again. After reading on the internet, I found meningetis which is something new for me. But I can tell that my symptoms are pretty close to this infection. Stiff neck, bad headaches, fever, upset tummy, dizziness and leg pain but no rash. I'm going to do blood test and neck x-ray today. Can this help me find out if I have meningetis?

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Sorry to hear that you have been experiencing severe illness. The only way that Meningitis can be diagnosed is by having a lumber puncture. If you have a blood test that may show that your body is fighting an infection but many illnesses would cause that as well so it would not confirm meningitis. The neck xray would not be able to show meningitis either. Best wishes.

Hey .

I'm sure it can only be detected if you have a lumber puncture

I think you should relay your concerns to the doctors today at hospital, they can't tell from blood tests or an x-ray

Hope you feel better soon x

It also can be done with an mri also. But talk to your doctor. Symptoms can be for a lot of different illnesses.

Morning sorry to hear you are not feeling well.The blood tests should show up the infection as that was one of the first things they did Emily had been ill for 3/4 days the rash appeared whilst in A&E she was then in isolation for 3 weeks very poorly everything got a lot worse before it got any better and almost 3 years on she has side effects.i hope you get some answers and feel better soon please let me know how you get on x

Lumbar puncture is the most accurate and Emily has had 4 now to release the pressure in her head as that is one of the only things that helps her.. medication was given but the side effects were worse x

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