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My dad is battling Bacterial meningitis (staphylococcus aureus)


Hi all, I am a new member of this community. Last Tuesday March 20, my dad (57 y/o) went to the ER for a suspected sinus infection diagnosis (although he was experiencing intense migraines and vomited 1x perviously). They told him it was in fact a sinus infection and he received antibiotics through IV and was sent home, supposed to return the next day for 2nd dose. 5 hrs after returning home he had a stroke, right eye/head extremely swollen, slurred language and paralysis. Paramedics came and he was admitted to neuro ICU. Not sure if he was already in a coma but he was put on propofol immediately and injected with antibiotics. Staph aureus bacteria was found in both blood culture and CSF.

Next day swelling in brain had increased significantly, neurosurgeon inserted a catheter through his skull to inject antibiotics more directly/control intracranial pressure. (We had no other option at this point). This was successful in attacking the infection and has been removed since.. Dad is now still on ventilator and hearing/responding to commands with his left side, however he does respond to pain on his right. He has started opening his eyes within the last couple of days for short periods of time, however he seems unable to focus on anything and does not respond to seeing loved one's faces. Hopeful he has not lost his sight, but we are just glad he is hearing and that he is still alive.

Infectious Disease doc says he has to run the full course of antibiotics for the meningitis (14 days at least). His recovery is slow, he is receiving a TEE tomorrow to see if the infection spread to his heart. We are all still very scared/nervous but are trying to stay positive. He is fighting very hard.

It's been inspiring reading through others' recovery stories as well as informative as to what the recovery process could be like.

If anyone has any words of wisdom, advice or suggestions as to how to continue to support him please share them <3 Grateful to have this forum to reach out to others that have experienced something like what he is. I can't even imagine what he is going through.

Thank you,

may the universe continue to hold you all.

~Dad's daughter

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Be strong, be positive and be patient. I had BM (SA) last year at 55, head drain, hooked up to everything, in and out of consciousness. It's not easy for all involved, keep talking to him, it helps to hear familiar voices.

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