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Pneumococcal meningitis

My 8 year old survived pneumococcal meningitis in march 2016. Hes changed so much and struggles daily with school, he finds the work too hard. He also suffers with fatigue and low moods. Hes recently been referred to the local mental health team by our gp. He complains often of leg pain which only occurred after the meningitis..is this a common problem for anyone else?? Infact if theres anyone else thats had pneumococcal meningitis and can tell me what issues they have had to deal with it would help me loads, my son isnt very good at explaining how he feels so i feel like i dont quite get what hes going through!

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Hi nic

I’m an adult so not sure how great my input would be...

Maybe he’s talking about sleepless leg syndrome? ... i had it a lot through/after meningitis. I did have it before but think its a mixture of things happening with your body how much ur bloods circulating etc, try get him do light leg exercises and not wearing long trousers or socks when he’s in the house or going bed or when he’s tired.

Sadly a lot of after effects are not something that can be seem or generically diagnosed so just try your best to talk with him and find simple ways/something similar that’l help him describe how he’s feeling and defo’ follow everything up, push to see gp, get support and referrals!

Take care... i hope he gets better! 🤗

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Sorry to hear about your son. I contracted this last year. I am back to work bit have brain damage but they are unable to tell me what part of the brain is damaged. I am deaf in the left ear. And i walk left all the time so i have to use a stick. I sometimes get confused with words so have to concentrate alot more. Every day is a challenge. But my husband is a great support.


Thanks for your reply, im sorry to hear you're still struggling. It helps to hear what others go through as i find that people look at me like im lyeing when i say he forgets words etc so to know this happens wih others is so helpful. Xx


Your welcome and i do hope he improves. It does take time and close support helps. Xxxx


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